Monthly Archives: November 2012

Bummer, for some reason Dunn and Bradstreet have rejected my request saying “Unable to Verify” but they don’t say exactly what was wrong or why?  Very confusing and frustrating.


Working on the process of migrating my personal Apple Developer account to a business one under the Enlītānment™ Studios name.  Dunn and Bradstreet are responsible for this and they say it can take up to 25 days.  I hope not.  I really need to do this before staging my app through iTunes Connect, because I really need the app to show up as a product of my business.  I should have looked into this earlier but I assumed that all I would need is my LLC’s EIN.

Oh well.  This isn’t holding up development on the app so we’re good.  As long as I can get this sorted out by the beginning of the ’13 I think we’ll be fine.


We are working hard to bring you Enlītānment’s first title. It is planned for release by February 2013. We are not releasing the name yet as we don’t want this name to be snatched before we claim it.

Most of you don’t know this but last year I let this domain name slip from my hands.  My previous host Affordable Multimedia would not return e-mails for me to retrieve it before they wanted to charge $300 to do so.  So I said, screw them and just kept a close watch for when it opened up again.

That happened about 6 months ago.  It is time to get this up and running again.